Review: Campos Coffee cupping session

My great sister gave me a gift voucher for a coffee cupping session in Campos for my birthday. She knows me very well.

I attended the session in my local branch (Newtown). The session is held upstairs, in a dark room with lights directed to the bar table where the magic happens. Each person has in front of them 5 latte glasses with different varieties of ground coffee. Cupping is essentially like wine tasting, only that coffee possesses many more aromatic compounds than wine.

The green beans differ in size depending on the climatic conditions.

Green beans

The session starts with us smelling a commercial “flat” coffee. You can totally tell the difference in complexity with Campos’ specialty coffees.


After smelling, water below boiling point is poured in the glasses and the coffees are left to brew.


A “crust” forms atop the coffee.



When the brewing process is over, we grab a spoon and “break” the “crust”, coming close to the glass in order to capture the smells. Then the experts remove the crust and we’re finally ready for cupping.

Ready for cupping

The actual cupping consists in taking a spoonful of coffee and slurping it vigorously so that it sprays inside your mouth. Not glamourous, I know. You can spit it in the provided paper cup (wine tasting-style) or just drink it. Two glasses of water are provided to rinse the spoon between coffees.


It was interesting to try coffees that differed so much between them. At the end of the session, the varietal and origin were revealed. I wasn’t surprised to learn that my least favourites came from Africa, and my favourites from Latin America. We received a bag of beans of our favourite coffee from the session.

Coffee bags

You can learn more about cupping sessions in Campos’ website (below).

Campos Newtown
193 Missenden Road
Newtown NSW
(02) 9516 3361

Campos Coffee on Urbanspoon

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