Review: Urban Cat Cafe (Erskineville)

Urban Cat is one of those places with split personalities. They are a regular cafe by day and serve Georgian cuisine by night. Not only that, but the name is totally misleading. Still, it’s a stone’s throw away from home and my housemate had already sent me some interesting pics from a meal he had there. I had to find out for myself.

Urban Cat Cafe

We ordered what he had: Georgian-style fish. The whole deep-fried trout, served with spicy (pickled) onions and a Georgian beetroot and walnut salad, was smaller than expected but juicy and only needed a pinch of salt or two.

Georgian-style fish

Georgian-style fish ($26.50)

Our second main was Les Calamars a la luzienne, a dish influenced by the Basque cuisine. The calamari was perhaps a bit on the chewy side but the flavourful tomato-based sauce was excellent. It would have been great with bread (if we had some paleo-friendly at hand) or mash. Instead, we ordered boiled potatoes with butter. We could have done better on the sides, I think.

Les Calamars a la luzienne

Les Calamars a la luzienne ($22)

Boiled potatoes with butter

Boiled potatoes with butter ($4)

Urban Cat Cafe
106 Erskineville Road
Erskineville NSW 2043
(02) 9557 9448
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3 thoughts on “Review: Urban Cat Cafe (Erskineville)

  1. Oh wow, I’ve really not tried Georgian cuisine before. It does actually look a little bit Spanish in nature, I would have thought it’d actually be more influenced by Turkish cuisine, as it’s so much closer to Turkey.

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