Review: The Oxford Tavern (Petersham)

When a friend tells you they’re craving meat, The Oxford Tavern is a great place to go. On weekends from noon they fire up Black Betty (the smoker) for American-style smoked meats, sold by weight.

The Oxford Tavern


We got some beef spare ribs, lamb ribs, pork ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken. All orders come with coleslaw and soft rolls (not for us).

They charge for weight, this platter for 3 costed about $65 and we had more than enough. I liked everything and would order the exact same thing again. Perhaps special mentions should go to the melt-in-your-mouth beef rib and the tender and juicy chicken. Note: the meats are marinated in BBQ sauce, so they have sugar, nightshades (watch out if you have inflammation issues), and possibly gluten and soy. Having said that, I didn’t have any adverse reactions.


Clockwise from top left: chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, coleslaw, lamb ribs, beef spare ribs, pork ribs

The Oxford Tavern
1 New Canterbury Road
Petersham NSW 2049
(02) 8019 9351
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5 thoughts on “Review: The Oxford Tavern (Petersham)

  1. It’s amazing how they’ve converted the old Oxford Tavern into a family friendly venue! The chicken and the sausages were my faves on my last visit.

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