Food for thought: Eyes on your own plate

I love this advice often given by Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo in the Balanced Bites podcast. It is very easy to get in the trap of being judgemental about other people’s food choices. It seems this is not constrained to health-conscious people (whatever that means). Everyone has an opinion of what everyone else is eating. If they happen to be eating the exact same meal, then it’s the portion size, whether they mix the components of the meal or not, etc. It’s not easy to let go of this habit but it’s useful to remind yourself to keep your eyes on your own plate, worry (not too much!) about your own food choices and how they affect your health, performance, happiness, etc. The others are adults and are entitled to make their own choices. Also, be polite and refrain from making comments about how disgusting is what other people are eating.

I’m not saying “never ever look at other people’s plates again”. Once again, it all depends on the intention. If you’re following people on social media because their food photos motivate you to eat healthier, inspire you to cook new dishes, or help you find out where’s the best burger in the city, that’s totally fine in my books. But if your intention is plain negative criticism, do yourself a karmic favour and save it for yourself.

PS: As everything else I write on this blog, this post is primarily a reminder to myself.

3 thoughts on “Food for thought: Eyes on your own plate

  1. Terrific advice. Every time I feel the temptation to be judgmental, I tell myself to have a child and then I can lord over what they eat with impunity.

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