Review: John Smith Cafe (Waterloo)

Finally got to meet John Smith, one of the newish spots in the ever-growing Sydney cafe scene. I’m always worried about getting indifferent service in popular cafes but this was not the case at all: service was excellent from start to finish.

It was hot enough to forgo my usual long black, and even resist the temptation to get an almond milk latte (!). I enjoyed a smooth and refreshing cold drip instead. It was so good I had a second one for dessert.

Water, cold drip coffee

Water, cold drip coffee ($4.5)

The main reason I wanted to visit John Smith was to have pulled pork with my eggs. That’s right, the eggs Benedict with daily greens can be served with braised pulled pork as one of the optional extras. We asked to swap the regular toast for gluten-free, but they didn’t have any, so they suggested the sweet potato rosti. The eggs, pork and hollandaise were excellent, but I prefer the kumara hash at Pitt Street Diner over John Smith’s rosti.

Eggs Benedict with pulled pork on sweet potato rosti

Eggs Benedict with daily greens ($15) + braised pulled pork ($4) + sweet potato rosti ($3)

We also shared a salad with roasted cauliflower, sweet corn, shaved fennel and baby endive with salsa verde and pomegranate reduction. The salad comes with chickpeas but we asked for none, and added chicken and avocado from the list of suggested extras. Awesome salad, great textures and nice mix of bitter and sweet elements.

Roast cauliflower, sweet corn, shaved fennel, baby endive, salsa verde, pomegranate molasses + chicken + avocado

Roasted cauliflower, sweet corn, chic pea, shaved fennel salad baby endive with salsa verde, pomegranate reduction ($12), + chicken ($4) + avocado ($4)

There’s a collection of sweets (including donuts, croissants, and their offspring: cronuts) on display in the middle of the cafe. Alvaro has been telling me he wants to try to get in ketosis but his will is too weak for stuff like this. Especially when the answer to “do you have any gluten-free desserts?” is yes.



So he ordered a gluten-free lime, yoghurt and coconut cake, sourced from Little Secrets Bakehouse. For the first time I stayed strong and didn’t try it. Alvaro reported it was good and not as sweet as other gluten-free desserts. Good to know.

GF lime, yoghurt and coconut cake

GF lime, yoghurt and coconut cake ($4.5)

John Smith Cafe
1 John Street
Waterloo NSW 2017
0422 855 811
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3 thoughts on “Review: John Smith Cafe (Waterloo)

  1. I love the look of those eggs benedict (one of my fave breakfasts, which I never make at home due to time consuming sauce) and the roasted cauli salad. Yum!

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