Xmas celebrations at the Buddhist centre

Xmas was one of the excuses we used to make a pig on a spit party at the Buddhist centre this year. Everything that could go wrong went wrong, and I’m almost completely responsible for this. I wanted to hire both the pig and the spit from Feather & Bone to make sure everything went well and to avoid dealing with double stress, but they didn’t have any spits available on that day. Anyway, mistakes and accidents aside, the pastured, ethically raised pig they provided was, as expected, top quality, and needed nothing more than salt for perfect flavour.


I made rosemary roasted potatoes, coleslaw with red and green cabbage, apple and celery, broccoli, snow pea, cabbage & carrot salad with Asian dressing, and lentils with radishes and celery for the vegos. We also had gherkins and a variety of chutneys and condiments.

Rosemary roasted potatoes


The wonderful GG put together amazing platters of fruit and paleo balls + strawberries dipped in chocolate.


Balls, strawberries

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