Review: Kuki Tanuki (Erskineville)

In September 2012 I contacted Kuki Tanuki to get their menu because it wasn’t on their website. See how slow I am at trying new places? Now not only the menu is online but it indicates dishes that can be ordered gluten-free. Sweet.

Because this is equal parts bar and restaurant, we were expecting small portions and thus ordered quite a few dishes. I liked that the sake list had a lot of information in it, including suggested food pairings. I ordered 3 x 30ml serves to test if the pairings were spot on.

We had a couple of kushiyaki skewers: yakitori chicken and pork negima, both with shio (salt). I paired these with the Fuku Shogun ($2), a delicious sake served hot that was meant to go well with grilled dishes. The skewers and this sake were among my favourite items of the night.

Yakitori with salt

Yakitori chicken with shio ($8)

Pork Negima with salt

Pork negima with shio ($8)

The salt-n-pepa squid (deep-fried juicy squid bites with fresh coriander, nanami spice powder and garlic mayo) was tender and perfectly crunchy thanks to the the gluten-free (rice flour?) coating. The mayo was sweet, thick, creamy, and addictive. We ended up ordering a second serve of squid in lieu of dessert. I paired this dish with the Edoichi sake ($3), served hot, which was meant to go well with oily dishes. I wasn’t a big fan of the sake or the pairing.

Salt-n-pepa squid

Salt-n-pepa squid ($8.5)

The Wagyu beef tataki was a winner. Granted, it was a smallish serve but can’t complain about its quality. I didn’t get a sake to pair with beef, so just sipped along from random cups. Bad style, I know.

Wagyu beef tataki

Wagyu beef tataki ($16)

The seafood salad (freshly sliced, tuna, kingfish and salmon, green salad, avocado and baby tomato) was perhaps the most predictable dish of the bunch. Much fresher than your regular CBD eatery salad, and with a pleasant dressing, made gluten-free for us. I paired this with a cold sake, the Gin ($2.5), suggested for fresh sashimi. Nice pairing.

Seafood salad

Seafood salad ($13.5)

Kuku Tanuki
61 Erskineville Road
Erskineville, NSW 2043

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kuki Tanuki (Erskineville)

  1. went ages ago we were going to have dinner – had beers and ordered edamame and some lotus chips to start. lotus chips came – some in the bowl were really burnt and others were just soggy and stale. got that, looked at my mate and we left after we finished our beers, went elsewhere and never went back.

  2. This place is pretty amazing… I’m not sure why I don’t go there more often… I think probably because I remember it being on the expensive side. Food is amazing though.

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