Review: Burger Project (Sydney CBD)

Late as usual, but I finally managed to visit Neil Perry’s Burger Project multiple times in one week, all in the name of blogging.

Burger Project

I read many people complained about the buns and Neil Perry responded to the feedback by changing them. I will never know if the buns are good or not and it doesn’t really matter to me. I’m just happy you can get your burger in a bowl (more accurately, a recyclable takeaway container), “wrapped” in lettuce. The iceberg leaves do look sturdy but I didn’t want to risk it and ate my bunless burgers with cutlery.

Following Miss Piggy’s cue on her post (“too much meat”), I ordered what she had: the double burger (2 x grass-fed beef, cheese, onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and secret sauce). The patties, cooked medium as should be the case, were big, juicy and tasty. It was definitely not too much meat for me, but too much cheese. I would order it again with less (or no) cheese. I liked the fact that this is a good version of an American burger (pickles, onion, tomato vs. beetroot), which is the type of burger I’m used to, but would appreciate a bit more vegetables in the bowl version.

Double in a bowl and house made chips

Double in a bowl ($12.90), house made chips ($4.90)

I ordered a serve of thrice cooked house made chips that were crispy and big enough for 2 or 3 people to share (yes, I ate them all but I was carb-backloading for training that night… nah, I was just being a pig). I’ve read someone compared them to Macca’s chips… really? Granted, I didn’t think these were the best chips on Earth but massively superior to Macca’s.

The next day I had the spicy pork belly in a bowl (crispy free range pork belly, salted chilli, pickles, pickled slaw, and lettuce). The bowl version comes with way more veggies than the “regular” burgers (but wait! is this really a burger? For me a burger is a patty of minced meat, not a slab of something in a burger bun… especially when ordered bunless!). I dug the pickled slaw, and the generous serving of salted chilli paste slathered on the also generous serving of crispy-skinned porky goodness. My favourite of the lot.

Spicy pork belly in a bowl

Spicy pork belly in a bowl ($9.90)

My next burger was The Korean (grass-fed beef, kim chi, onion, lettuce and spicy Korean dressing), which has been described as disappointing by several bloggers. While I found the patty to be a tad smaller and overcooked than the ones I had in a previous visit, I liked the very generous amount of kimchi and the Korean dressing. I’d guess it would very messy to eat in a bun, and perhaps that’s what people are not very fond of. Order it in a bowl and problem solved.

The Korean in a bowl

The Korean in a bowl ($8.90)

The last burger I tried was the chicken (free range grilled chicken, pickles, pickled slaw, lettuce, coriander, soy and mayonnaise). I liked the fact that they used thigh instead of breast, which made it juicier than others (they even left a bit of skin on, yay!). The flavour was nice but not mind-blowing. The slaw is the same great one they use in the pork belly burger, and goes really well with the mayo. This burger was the smallest of the lot, and my least favourite.

Chicken in a bowl

Chicken in a bowl ($8.90)

The Burger Project
Shop 11.06, World Square
Level 1, 644 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
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5 thoughts on “Review: Burger Project (Sydney CBD)

  1. Thought it was quite a move when Neil changed the burger buns – good to see that they do listen to and respond to customer feedback. Keep meaning to head back and try the pork belly!

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