Product review: Over the Moon coconut ice cream

The guys over at Food + People make it possible for people to connect through home-made food. One of their recent events was a dairy-free coconut ice cream tasting that happened to be free and not far away from home.

Alex, the young businessman behind the product, had organised the event to get some feedback on the flavours he’s developed.

Over the Moo

There were two vanilla versions, mango & lime, mango, capuccino and peanut butter & chocolate.

Over the Moo

We filled in a questionaire with feedback about the flavours and four possible logos for the company.

Over the Moo

We rated the vanillas separately. My favourite vanilla was the one that was more French vanilla-y and less coconut-y. From the other flavours, my order of preference was capuccino, mango & lime, mango, and peanut butter & chocolate. I liked the fact that you couldn’t really taste the coconut in most of the flavours (except one of the vanillas). Also, most flavours were not overly sweet, as evidenced by the large amount of ice cream I stuffed my face with before feeling overdosed.

Over the Moo

If you want to attend any of the events organised by Food + People follow the links below.

Food + People
On Facebook

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