Review: The Gardens (Sydney CBD)

My friend Bonnie gave me the heads up of this CBD cafe offering a couple of clearly-labelled paleo options in its menu.The Gardens is located at the lower-ground level food court on 259 George Street (aka Food @ 259). Hard to spot from outside but pretty popular with locals.

The Gardens

The menu has many customisable items: lunches, salads, omelettes (available all day), smoothies (and protein shakes). Besides the aforementioned paleo items, they include other paleo-friendly ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, grass-fed eye fillet, free-range chicken and bacon, free-range/organic eggs, almond/coconut milk, MCT oil and nut butters for smoothies, etc.

Create your own lunch menu

Create your own salad menu

I chose the “create your own lunch” (starting from $12.90, which 2 bases and 1 main) with sweet potato & pumpkin mash and mixed leaf with aged balsamic & macadamia nut oil with secret crumbed paleo chicken, and added smashed avocado for $2 extra. Okay mash and salad, nice avocado and chicken. Not sure about what was in the chicken coating (it’s a secret, after all) but I would say some sort of starch (potato?) or quinoa in addition to nut flour.

Sweet potato & pumpkin mash, mixed leaves, smashed avocado, paleo crumbed chicken

Sweet potato & pumpkin mash, mixed leaves, smashed avocado, paleo crumbed chicken ($12.90 + $2 for the avocado)

Bonnie had the same bases with grilled Tasmanian salmon as protein.

Sweet potato & pumpkin mash, mixed leaves, grilled Tasmanian salmon

Sweet potato & pumpkin mash, mixed leaves, grilled Tasmanian salmon ($12.90)

The other paleo item in the menu is available at breakfast: The Gardens paleo pancakes, a stack of Dutch mini pancakes with coconut, almond flour, organic eggs, served with organic honey, cinnamon & maple syrup ($12 or $13 with sliced banana). I haven’t tried them and doubt I will since I normally don’t have sweet things for breakfast and that stack sounds like a big load of sugar. I would probably order them sans sweetener and with a side of bacon.

I spotted a few interesting coffee options: the crash stopper (long black, cinnamon and coconut milk), bulletproof (long black, grass-fed butter and MCTs) and pre-workout shot (double-shot espresso with coconut oil). Unfortunately I had a long black and didn’t like it that much. Good to know the options are there, though.

Long black

Long black ($4)

I’ve also tried the create your own omelette ($9.90 if ordered with free-range eggs and up to 3 fillings). Mine had organic eggs ($1 extra), kale, mushrooms, olives and free range eye bacon ($3 extra). It came with toast, butter and some salad leaves. I obviously did not eat the bread and in hindsight I was glad I didn’t say “no bread” because that could have meant “no butter” also. The omelette was huge and tasty (especially with melted butter on top!) but I do like my egg whites & yolks better mixed.

Omelette with kale, mushrooms, olives and bacon

Omelette with kale, mushrooms and olives ($9.90 + $1 for organic eggs + $3 for bacon)

The Gardens
Shop 1 / 259 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9247 3146
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5 thoughts on “Review: The Gardens (Sydney CBD)

  1. Their coffee is not nice at all. I tried it 2 times and my colleagues have tried it too with unpleasant results. Also their omelettes are not as good as a store in the MLC. I believe it’s called Zilia. Their coffee and omelettes are much tastier.

  2. I went here for breakfast then at another time for lunch more than 6 months ago and after two bad experiences then I should not have tried again, but I wanted a tea, it was after 1pm and the lunch rush was over. I walked over to the coffee counter and waited and was ignored by the staff fiddling with the cashier, they couldn’t even look at me and say ‘sorry, I will be a minute’. So I just left and went to the cafe upstairs which is great.
    The Garden has rude, under trained staff who can’t make an omelette and can’t manage the basics of politeness. the food is overpriced and bland. If it wasn’t next to high rise office buildings it wouldn’t see any business.

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