“Bulletproofing” other beverages

A few times per week I have a Bulletproof coffee for breakfast. It makes me super alert and helps me stay in the natural state of ketosis most of us experience upon waking up. A few weeks ago Simone Miller posted a photo of matcha tea with butter on Instragram and made me want to try it. I have had Tibetan tea (the original buttered tea that inspired Dave Asprey’s invention) before but it was a cheap, processed one that didn’t taste good at all. Time to try some things out with grass-fed butter and MCT oil!

I brewed a cup of plain La Merced yerba mate and a cup of T2 sencha (green tea). I do prefer matcha but didn’t have any on hand. I used 1 tablespoon of each butter and MCT oil (same quantities I normally use with coffee) and blended ’em up until frothy.

Bulletproof mate and sencha

I loved the yerba mate version so much that now I alternate between coffee and yerba. I wasn’t very fond of the the sencha version as I found the tannins too overpowering.

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