Review: Phyco Food Co. (Eveleigh markets)

Phyco Food Co, curators of seaweed (love that tagline!) is Jared Ingersoll‘s newest project. Some may remember the chef’s slow food cafe/restaurant Danks Street Depot. In Phyco, he continues with his philosophy of excellent food quality in a different format.

Jared Ingersoll

You can find Phyco every Saturday at the Eveleigh markets. Their products include salts, seaweed and cookbooks.

Seaweed menu


They also offer a few dishes showcasing the nutritional powerhouse that so many people in the West neglect: seaweed. Sea vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly iodine, which is essential for proper thyroid function. Table and bread-making salt fortification with iodine worked for a while in countries like Australia, until people started consuming fancy salts and organic bread. I prefer sea/pink salt to the cheap iodized varieties and do not eat bread, so I make sure I consume seaweed regularly.


On to the food! Pork belly is always a winner and this was no exception. The pork belly poached in wakame with daikon had the perfect Asian vibe going on. While the meat was tender it was a bit difficult to cut it with the provided wooden fork so we ended up stabbing it and taking turns for biting it. Not recommended for a first date.

Pork belly poached in wakame with daikon

Pork belly poached in wakame with daikon ($10)

The roasted field mushrooms, roast garlic with nori packed a lot of flavour and an interesting texture. The dish looked small but was very satisfying, even for meat eaters like us.

Roasted field mushrooms, roast garlic with nori

Roasted field mushrooms, roast garlic with nori ($10)

Phyco Food Co.
0403 777 564

6 thoughts on “Review: Phyco Food Co. (Eveleigh markets)

  1. I’ve been trying to eat more seaweed lately, bought a packet of wakame to put in bone broth and it is fun to watch it transform. Thanks for the heads up about Phyco, another reason to re-visit Eveleigh markets soon!

  2. What an interesting comment. I remember as a kid I used to eat those snack packets of nori…to be honest, I still love those snack packets of nori! They’re probably not great for you though, as they pack it with flavouring.

    1. Yep, maybe not the healthiest snack but at least they served to get you used to the flavour of the seaweed. Some people have a really hard time incorporating seaweed in their diet because their palates are not used to the taste.

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