Review: Grill’d new low carb bun

I used to get really excited when I saw “gluten-free bread available” written on a menu. It meant I could eat bread without suffering the aftermath on my body but “gluten-free” does not necessarily mean healthy. Grill’d has decided to position themselves ahead everyone else by offering a low carb bun, which is essentially paleo. It’s made with water, free range whole egg, almond meal, organic coconut cream, tapioca flour, psyllium husk, raw honey, and salt, ingredients that me or any other real foodist would normally use to make bread at home (more information here).


I went to the World Square shop to test the bread. I ordered one of my Grill’d favourites: the almighty (with tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg, beetroot, salad, relish, and herbed mayo). The bun is thinner than what I imagined but looked and tasted good. I tried to lift the burger up with my hands but the bottom half was gone; it didn’t survive the moisture from the veggies and relish.

I also ordered a personal serve of the new zucchini chips and some more herbed mayo. The chips are dusted with rice flour and fried in canola oil, definitely not something I would eat frequently. I wasn’t a big fan; while the rice flour gave them a crispy coating, the zucchini pieces inside were soggy due to their high water content.

Almighty in low carb bun, zucchini chips, herbed mayo

Zucchini chips for one ($4.80), herbed mayo ($0.70), almighty burger ($13.50) on low-carb bun ($1.50)


5 thoughts on “Review: Grill’d new low carb bun

  1. Pity that the structural integrity of the burger bun doesn’t seem like it’ll withstand Grill’d usual fillings. I’m not surprised though, the last burger I got from Grill’d (the mushroom one I think), was so juicy that my hands were covered and it all almost ran down my arms.

  2. Walked past the other day and noticed several women had the low-carb burgers in front of them! Shame they’re a little flimsy though.

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