Review: Original Meatball Company (Sydney CBD)

Today’s post is a guest review from my weekday CBD lunch buddy Sebastian. We went to the Original Meatball Company on York St.

Original Meatball Company

Their meatballs are gluten-free and you can get them American style (as a sub, and therefore no longer gluten-free), in a salad or a serve of your choice of balls + sauce + cheese. We ordered two salads to share: great balls of fire (beef balls with chimichurri, cholula hot sauce, jalapeño, served on shredded iceberg lettuce) and the Italian job (pork & veal balls with pesto, napolitana sauce, mozzarella, served on dressed mesclun leaf).

Original Meatball Company

Sebastian says:“Lunch consisted of two servings of generic meatballs topped with bland sauces. The sauces came in different colours, but they both tasted of nothingness. The meaty balls were served on what the imaginative call “a salad”, the descriptive call “a bed of lettuce”, and what I think is best described as “tasteless”. It was a Tuesday, so the meals came with a free side of julienned, salty cardboard, or fries as they were misleadingly described on the menu and a drink. It’s a sad meal when the tastiest item is a Coke.”

Great balls of fire

Great balls of fire ($10.90)

The Italian job

The Italian job ($10.90)

Okay, so this is not a true “guest review” because I’ll chime in, too. I agree with Sebastian that lettuce alone is not an ideal salad and that the balls needed more seasoning, but while the sauces were not the tastiest on Earth, they weren’t horrible. The overall meal was a decently-priced, decently-sized, healthy lunch for CBD standards. Re: the freebie Tuesday deal, the chips were of the generic frozen kind (most likely not gluten-free), and you can have water instead of a soft drink (which is sometimes impossible back home because soft drinks are cheaper than water!).

Tuesday deal: free chips and drinks

Tuesday deal: free chips and drinks

Anyway, here you have two different opinions from people who have similar opinions in other aspects of life. Maybe I’m biased because I get too excited when I find new gluten-free lunch options close to work. Maybe Sebastian’s tastebuds have been affected by overexposure to cheap Asian takeaway and daily diet soda consumption. Maybe both. Anyway, hope you find his and/or my opinion helpful.

Original Meatball Company
Shop 3, 56 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Original Meatball Company on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Review: Original Meatball Company (Sydney CBD)

  1. I enjoyed reading Sebastian’s review, he doesn’t sugar coat things! He reminds me of AA Gill who has a similarly brash and irreverent style. The day our health as a nation started going down the gurgler was when soft drinks became cheaper than water.

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