Food for thought: Old is the new new

I’m old. I’m 37. It’s interesting for me to see that just recently people have started recommending stuff that is not new to me. As a teenager, I wore amber glasses to filter out the blue light from my computer monitor (dad, you were so right!), went on an Atkin-esque diet when conventional wisdom was even more obsessed with low fat than now, and had butter in my coffee (okay, technically the butter was on the soda crackers that I dunked in my coffee, but the butter did end up in my coffee). Sadly, back then there was no internet as we know it now, no blogs, no Instagram. I could have been famous. Now I’m just old.

2 thoughts on “Food for thought: Old is the new new

  1. I know how you feel! I know I’m getting old when everyone on TV including the reporters look like they are on work experience (as do policemen and doctors). I long for a return to the pre-internet days – we knew how to connect with people in real life, how to entertain ourselves and didn’t waste time (I am rather partial to cat videos however).

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