Product review: Go Paleo protein balls & granola

Last time I ordered meals from Go Paleo I got a nice surprise: complimentary protein balls! The chocolate crunch bliss balls are made with nuts (hazelnut, almonds, brazil nuts, macadamia, walnut), coconut, dates, prunes, dried apricot, chia seeds, goji berries, whey isolate protein powder, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cocoa nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, raisins, vanilla extract, orange zest &/or orange oil, and sea salt. Not only they taste delicious but the amount of sweetness is perfectly calibrated to the palate of someone who doesn’t eat sugar on a regular basis.

Chocolate crunch balls, lime, apricot & pistachio balls

The lime, apricot & pistachio balls were awesome too, but as you may have guessed, I liked the chocolate ones better. These ones are made with nuts (almond, Brazil, macadamia, pistachio), dried apricot, dates, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, whey isolate protein powder, desiccated coconut, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, vanilla extract, lime zest, lime oil, and sea salt. The flavour combo brought back happy memories of Christmas because they tasted like (a much healthier version of) panettone.

Chocolate crunch balls, lime, apricot & pistachio balls

I also ordered a tub of cinnamon nut granola to give it a shot. We’re not regular granola-as-breakfast eaters, but granola munchers. I used to make my own grain-free granola back in the day when I had time to fluff around in the kitchen. Since then it’s been great to find sources of crap-free granola I can rely on for our stress-relieving munchies. Back to the product, besides being grain/gluten/soy/vegetable oil free it is completely sugar and sweetener-free, and hence low carb. Perfect! I like the fact that it comes with a dehydration thingie in the (250g) tub that helps to keep it crunchy.

Cinnamon nut granola

I’ve had it with homemade coconut kefir and on its own and it is the best paleo granola I have tried so far. The ingredients are: nuts (almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, pecans), egg white, desiccated coconut, flaxseed meal, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, butter, cinnamon, salt.

Cinnamon nut granola

Go Paleo’s granola range also include luxe granola with fruit and macadamia & plum granola which I can’t comment on because I haven’t tried them (yet!).

Go Paleo
PO Box 690
Hurstville NSW 1481
(02) 8006 4320

3 thoughts on “Product review: Go Paleo protein balls & granola

  1. Thank you for your review! I’m glad you liked the balls. My husband’s favourite are the chocolate ones too. I recently got some pea protein and hemp seeds and am having fun experimenting with those. Sadly we can’t sell the ones with hemp seed until the law changes (but we can give them away).

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