Review: The Commons Local Eating House (Darlinghurst)

This year my main birthday celebration was lunch (no, it’s not because I’m getting old but because Alvaro and I went to see Sepultura that night). I got to try another restaurant that had been in my wish list for a long time: The Commons Local Eating House. It’s been popular in the foodie scene for a while and friends visiting from Europe had raved about it.



We were a group of 12 and so had to wait a bit for the meals to come out. The most popular dish was the Sunday roast (organic lamb with lemon, mint, mustard / carrots, potato, fennel roast) which I shared with Alvaro. Humble as it may sound, it was perfect.

Sunday roast

Sunday roast ($26)

The other dish that Alvaro and I shared (and that was pretty popular in the group, too) was the grass-fed Angus sirloin tagliata with rocket, Parmesan and balsamic reduction. Great steak and great accompaniments but I liked the roast a tiny bit more.

Grass-fed Angus sirloin tagliata

Grass-fed Angus sirloin tagliata ($24)

Other dishes ordered that day were: The Commons veggie breakfast (two free range eggs any style, toast, avocado, goat’s cheese
mushrooms, spinach, tomato, baked beans, hash brown with a twist from the garden), sustainable fish cartoccio (with tiger prawns, bisque, scallops, mussels, snapper), spring salad (green beans, mushrooms, ricotta, nuts, fruits, mixed leaves, lemon dressing), healthy stack (avocado, tomato, rocket, goats cheese, poached egg, plus extra bacon), the omelette of the day (with smoked cheese, caramelized onions and asparagus) and the aged beef cheeseburger (with cheese, beetroot, lettuce, tomato and tomato aioli). I didn’t get to try any of those but all of them looked fantastic. I did have a few leftover hand-cut chips that were awesome. I might consider ordering a bunless burger next time. With a side of spring salad.

The Commons Veggie Breakfast

The Commons Veggie Breakfast ($20)

Sustainable fish cartoccio

Sustainable fish cartoccio ($26)

Spring salad

Spring salad ($15)

Healthy stack

Healthy stack ($14) + bacon ($6)


Omelette ($12)

Aged beef cheeseburger

Aged beef cheeseburger ($20)

My awesome sister made a (paleo) banoffee cheesecake (original recipe here) with chocolate in the toffee and the icing as per my request. I would take this version over any regular cheesecake any day.

Paleo banoffee cheesecake + chocolate

Paleo banoffee cheesecake + chocolate

Cakeage was $2.50 per head and we also paid a 10% surcharge due to the size of the group, which was clearly stated in their booking policy.

The Commons Local Eating House
32 Burton Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
(02) 9358 1487

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4 thoughts on “Review: The Commons Local Eating House (Darlinghurst)

  1. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed brunch at The Commons a few weeks ago, it was delicious, great service and cosy surroundings. I was interested to try their nose to tail stuff too.

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