Review: Black Star Pastry (Rosebery)

My first visit to Black Star Pastry was in my pre-paleo days. We bought a bunch of cakes (and got a faulty macaron for free) and a lamb shank pie on a second visit. Then I went paleo and thought I wouldn’t step foot on Black Star ever again.

Until our lunch in Kitchen by Mike. We knew we needed more to feel satisfied and Gladys was prepared: she had spotted a Black Star a few metres away and had checked that they had gluten-free options. Well done, sis!

It had been 4 years since the one and only time I tried the famous strawberry & watermelon cake. Back then, I didn’t know it was gluten-free. I didn’t understand why people raved it about it so much, either. Judging for the amount of watermelons on site, it’s still their best-selling item.

Bread and watermelons

I was very pleased to see that there were several gluten-free cakes on display.


We *almost* ordered one of each (we missed the macadamia & choc GF brownie). Surprisingly, the strawberry & watermelon cake was my favourite, followed by the orange cake, Persian figs, cheesecake. The pistachio lemon curd + white chocolate zen garden was too sweet for my taste.

Gluten-free cakes

Strawberry & watermelon cake ($7.50), pistachio lemon curd + white chocolate zen garden ($7.50), orange cake, Persian figs, cheesecake ($4.50)

Besides cakes they also serve sandwiches (no GF bread, though) and some lunch specials.

7 thoughts on “Review: Black Star Pastry (Rosebery)

  1. Oh this is evil! Here I am, blissfully unaware of the goodies that exist in the world, and being perfectly content snacking on pigs stomach and nuts, and then to know that there is Black Star strawberry and watermelon cake, which is (almost) paleo.

  2. That’s true, thanks! Bulking is turning out to be harder than I thought because it’s boring having to eat so much and so often, and I detest logging meals / keeping track of macros. I’m also cutting out dairy as it seems to help with my hayfever and bulking is difficult without dairy.

    1. I’ve never had that problem (I gain weight very easily) but I understand what you mean… I’ve seen some of the guys at the gym downing down massive amounts of food (and milk) to gain a few hundred grams.

  3. The strawberry and watermelon cake is hard to resist. They seem to make a phenomenal amount of them, esp on weekends!

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