Review: Kitchen by Mike (Rosebery)

Finally got to tick off Kitchen by Mike off my wish list. Not only the chef is famous in the foodie world (ex Rockpool) but they offer simple, nourishing food made with seasonal produce. My first impression of it was that it is a posh canteen attached to a posh Ikea (i.e. Koskela). Posh as in fancier than the canteens I visited in Russia.

Kitchen by Mike


We got there pretty late so there was plenty of seating available. We were also starving and you know how the saying goes: “hunger is the best spice”. We got the two meats available that day and two salads to share between the three of us.


Both the blood orange, fennel, raisin, and walnut salad and the cabbage and apple slaw were great. Predictable, maybe, but fresh and pleasant.

Blood orange, fennel, raisin, walnut

Blood orange, fennel, raisin, walnut ($8)

The roast chicken needed a bit more flavour and charred skin for my taste. The asparagus and tapenade were great sides for the chook.

Roast chicken, asparagus, tapenade + cabbage, apple slaw

Roast chicken, asparagus, tapenade ($14) + cabbage, apple slaw ($4.50)

Finally, the “Polpetinne” meatloaf served with polenta was nice yet small for its price tag (that’s a small plate in the photo).

"Polpettine" meatloaf, polenta

“Polpetinne” meatloaf, polenta ($16)

There’s a lot of baked stuff (bread, sweets, savouries) that we obviously didn’t try but looked great, especially because everything is made fresh on premises.

Making bread



We didn’t try the coffee. Alvaro had a very refreshing and not too sweet pine, lime, vanilla lemonade ($4.50).


I’d say food was good but would not justify a revisit unless I happen to be in the area. I also think we ordered too little food. On the bright side, we were left with plenty of room for dessert… (to be continued)

Kitchen by Mike
1/85 Dunning Ave
Rosebery NSW 2018
(02) 9045 0910

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4 thoughts on “Review: Kitchen by Mike (Rosebery)

  1. My colleague raves about Kitchen by Mike, and tells me off every time that I go to The Grounds nearby rather than Kitchen…she’s like “You need to stop going to The Grounds, it’s overrated! Go to Kitchen by Mike instead!”

    Maybe I should take her advice and give Kitchen a try?

  2. I’ve heard a lot about this place but haven’t had the chance to go yet. The roast chicken looks good but I agree, the skin is the best bit and it needs to be nice charred and crispy. I am usually reluctant to order roast chicken in restaurants because of my phobia that it will be breast. I love how all the salads look bursting with freshness, reminds me of ottolenghi.

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