Review: Egg of the Universe (Rozelle)

I found out about Egg of the Universe (EOTU) because they are one of the available pick up points for Feather and Bone‘s (F&B) orders. Upon inspection of their menu I knew I would love eating there.

It is a bit of a hassle for us to get there but we finally managed. The cafe, which is actually part of a yoga studio, is bigger than what I thought and just as welcoming as I imagined.

Egg of the Universe

Egg of the Universe

They have the best table water ever: flavoured with mint leaves and cinnamon.


Gladys had a fresh mint tea and I had a delicious coconut milk latte.

Fresh mint tea, coconut milk latte

Fresh mint ($4), latte ($4)

Alvaro had a banana + macca [sic] smoothie (banana, maca, goji berries, organic whole yoghurt & milk, linseed) that perhaps didn’t look as pretty as the drink he had at Sadhana Kitchen but was equally good: thick and not too sweet.

Banana maca smoothie

Banana macca [sic] ($9)

We shared three dishes, starting with the slow-cooked pastured beef (12-hour low slow braised grass-fed beef with fennel pickle, bitter seasonal greens & roast sweet potato). The meat was ultra tender and the sauce was great. It reminded me to the pot roasts my mum used to make.

Slow-cooked beef

Slow-cooked pastured beef ($24)

Bacon & eggs (F&B smoked bacon, fried organic eggs, spelt sourdough [gluten-free available], EOTU lacto-fermented tomato ketchup & pickle juice shot) was Alvaro’s favourite dish. I can see why, not only F&B’s bacon is one of the best you can find in Sydney, but the lacto-fermented ketchup and the juice shot (which we were told to drink before the meal as an aperitif) made it really special.

Bacon & eggs

Bacon & eggs ($20)

Last but not least, the perfect circle salad (raw & fermented salads, cashew cream, activated nut pesto, tahini dip & EOTU raw, activated crackers) was, too, one of kind. I loved every component of it, especially the smokey roasted cherry tomatoes.

Perfect circle salad

Perfect circle salad ($17)

Sweets, along with some pre-packed salads, are displayed at the entrance. We shared a banana friand and a chocolate beetroot cake, both perfect in taste, size and sweetness for us.


Banana friand, beetroot chocolate cake

Banana friand, chocolate beetroot cake ($4 each)

Egg of the Universe
711 Darling Street
(02) 9810 3146
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