Review: Sadhana Kitchen (Enmore)

As I’ve said before, contrary to popular belief, we paleo/real-food peeps do not hate vegans. Not all vegans, anyway. Raw vegans have a lot more in common with us than “regular” vegos because the raw component of their diet rules out things that have to be cooked in order to be digestible, including most grains and legumes. Raw vegans also tend to care a lot about where food comes from, tending toward organic/local/sustainable produce, which is in line with the ancestral eating philosophy.

The thing that got me interested in Sadhana Kitchen was discovering that they offered house-made almond milk and coconut milk for their drinks (they called them “mylks” to avoid confusion). A quick look at the menu made me want to try their food offerings.

Sadhana Kitchen

Their mission statement reads: “Everything we serve is handmade with love from organic, plant based whole foods. Our raw dishes are kept below 40°C as to preserve the enzymes that aid in efficiency of digestion & nutrient assimilation”.


I really liked the Sadhana lasagna (layers of zucchini pasta, cultured cashew cheeze, basil pesto, walnut mince, wilted spinach and chunky tomato sauce). I’ve been eating pastaless lasagne for ~10 years (using zucchini and/or eggplant for the layers) but this was my first meatless, pastaless one. The walnut mince was delicious, proof that the tomato base is more important than the meat in this case.

Sadhana lasagna

Sadhana lasagna ($15.50)

The Prana Pad Thai (kelp & zucchini noodles, baby salad leaves & seasonal vegetables with a house-made raw Pad Thai sauce) was good but I like my version better (and it’s not only because mine has meat). Still, it was an interesting twist on a classic dish.

Prana Pad Thai

Prana Pad Thai ($17.50)

I can’t say the same about the BLAT (Sadhana coconut bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, coriander and house made mayo in between two slices of [raw] onion bread). I didn’t dislike it but it didn’t resemble a regular BLAT at all. The bread slices (which BTW were very tasty) were more like large crackers, and the coconut bacon just didn’t fit the bill.


BLAT ($14.50)

I have also tried the cauliflower, artichoke, chilli and sunflower seed salad that I bought as takeaway to have for dinner one day and it was delicious.

Cauliflower, artichoke, chilli and sunflower seed salad

Cauliflower, artichoke, chilli and sunflower seed salad ($14.50 regular)

The drinks menu is full of awesome-sounding hot and cold items. I’ve had great coffees (a latte and a cap) with the aforementioned house-made almond mylk and tried the warrior smoothie (blueberries, raspberries, banana, sprouted brown rice protein powder, chia seeds, coconut oil, mesquite, almonds).

Almond mylk latte

Almond mylk latte ($4.00)

Almond mylk capuccino, warrior smoothie

Almond mylk capuccino ($4.00), warrior smoothie ($9.50)

I like the fact that they offer kombucha, too, and a dangerous variety of sweet treats that I haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Treats, salads, kombucha


Sadhana Kitchen
147 Enmore Road
Enmore NSW 2042
(02) 9516 1334
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3 thoughts on “Review: Sadhana Kitchen (Enmore)

  1. All of the food you’ve shown looks really good. How busy was this place when you visited – I’d like to go during a work lunch but can’t queue know…it’s a work day.

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