Review: Saigon Belle (Newtown)

There are a couple new Vietnamese restaurants in town. We visited Saigon Belle first because they had a 20% discount on their first week of operations and, as we say back home, “ahorro es progreso”.

Saigon Belle

We were welcomed by a very attentive waitress who offered us a complimentary snack: sweet roasted peanuts with fried dried fish. It was a first for me so I gave it a go and couldn’t stop eating (crunchy + sweet + salty = zero willpower).

Complimentary peanuts & fried fish

My sister and I ordered two dishes to share: sizzling seafood (braised seafood with onion, capsicum, shallots and vegetables in Mongolian sauce served in hot plate) and lemongrass & chilli pork. Both dishes were generous and pleasant, although leaning more towards Chinese-style Vietnamese (e.g. heavier sauces) than “Vietnamese-style Vietnamese” if that makes sense.

Sizzling seafood

Sizzling seafood ($20.90)

Lemongrass & chilli pork

Lemongrass & chilli pork ($16.90)

The highlight of our visit was warm, outstanding service, which fortunately seems to be a staple in Vietnamese restaurants. I’m very keen on visiting again to try their pho before the cold weather leaves us.

Saigon Belle
121a King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 5998

Saigon Belle on Urbanspoon

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