Review: Proteini Cafe (Darlinghurst)

A new paleo-friendly cafe has opened in Sydney! Under the slogan “love your guts”, Proteini Cafe ticks all the boxes, their ingredients are locally sourced and their food is free of gluten, wheat, dairy and added sugar.

Proteini Cafe

Proteini Cafe

Although the cafe’s name might imply it’s all about the meat, it’s not. This place is vego-friendly and, as a matter of fact, not heavy on the meats if you choose to have some. The meal components are pre-prepared and put together on demand, so food is on the table relatively fast but also cold (not true for the soups, I guess). Not that is a bad thing per se, but keep that in mind. They also do great-looking smoothies and eye-catching sweets.

Baked stuff



You can pick one of their ready-to-go trail mixes that sit next to the register if you’re in a hurry.

Trail mix

Check out the smoothies on offer. We didn’t try any because it was freezing cold that day, but will do soon. Instead, my sister had a latte with homemade almond milk and I my usual long black.

Drinks menu

Homemade almond milk latte, long black

Homemade almond milk latte ($4), long black ($3)

Coffee is by Will & Co, not my fave brew but pretty good, actually.


On to the food! We shared the Caveman’s bowl and a mix-n-match salad + meat.

Food menu

For the salad we chose sweeet fennel and roasted vegetables and for the meat, rosemary & garlic chicken skewers. The dressing could be turmeric or basil pesto; we chose the pesto. The dish was pretty filling and the flavours were wonderful, although we would have enjoyed it more if served warm. Also, kale is served raw, which can be harsh on the gut and decreases nutrient absorption.

Salad + meat

Salad + meat ($15)

The caveman’s bowl comes with roasted pumpkin, kale toss, 2 meatballs, protein bread, beetroot relish and turmeric dressing. Again, the flavours were great but serving it warm and cooking the kale would make it better IMO.

Caveman's bowl

Caveman’s bowl ($16)

We couldn’t leave the cafe without trying one of the sweet treats. It was hard to choose just one and we were very happy with our decision: the top deck mousse surprise, featuring a delicious macadamia-coconut crunchy base topped with a creamy chocolate mousse and dessicated coconut. It had the perfect sweetness and half per head was enough to call it a meal.

Top deck mousse surprise

Top deck mousse surprise ($7)

Proteini Cafe
1/256 Crown Street
Darlinghurst NSW
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6 thoughts on “Review: Proteini Cafe (Darlinghurst)

  1. Thanks for the review, I love finding out about new paleo-friendly places to eat around Sydney. They look like they have heaps of offerings, I am curious to try it soon.

  2. Wow!! Thanks so much for the awesome review Lateral Eating:) You have made our day!!!
    Apologies for the late reply we only stumbled across the review last night.. Proteini is loving your blog!! Keep up the awesome work:)
    And again a BIG Thank you for taking the time to review our cafe x

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