Review: Rising Sun Workshop (Newtown)

We finally got to try Rising Sun Workshop, the ramen pop-up we were so afraid to see disappear. I had contacted them a long time ago asking if they had something gluten sensitive-friendly, and they said they have rice noodles on hand for weirdos like us.

In case you don’t know, the cafe/ramen bar coexists with a motorcycle workshop opposite the Camperdown Memorial Park (a.k.a. “the poo park”).

Rising Sun Workshop

Rising Sun Workshop

They do 3 broths: the darkness (shoyu tonkotsu or pork style broth), the light (chicken, bonito and 3x salt broth) and the monk (miso based broth). So few options but that means they do them well.

I had “the light” and tried “the darkness”, both broths were flavourful and rich, as opposed to over-the-top MSG but “flat”. The egg comes with the perfect yolk, the pork is fatty and tender, the shiitake had an unusual and delicious sweet-and-sour pickled flavour and the pieces of gari, green onions and seaweed were there to bring the soup to perfect balance. I know the noodles are a big deal for most people but for us they’re just a filler. Having said that, please note that even when you can order rice noodles as we did, the pork and eggs are marinated in shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) and there’s more shoyu in “the darkness” broth so this is not for you if you’re very sensitive to gluten.

The light

The light

The darkness

The darkness

But wait! There can be more! Check their Facebook page for announcement of special toppings that you can add to your ramen by mentioning a password. In the past there’s been roasted bone marrow and that night we skipped the kara-age chicken (because it was coated in “corn flour” made with wheat flour).

We also enjoyed green tea that came in a very cool old-school heavy metal pot.

Green tea

Green tea ($4)

Rising Sun Workshop
Cnr Mary & Lennox Streets
Newtown NSW 2042
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9 thoughts on “Review: Rising Sun Workshop (Newtown)

  1. I really like the vibe of this place but I just didn’t like the broths….which is a shame as I appreciate that they are trying to do something a little different. The pork in the soups though is delish!

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