I got a back injury last Wednesday and am recovering very slowly. It happened during training but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a sport-related injury; I think it could have happened any time. I’m not quite sure of the nature of my injury, but my chiro thinks it’s a disc tear. He hasn’t ordered any scans to save me the $$$ for an injury that seems to be mild (relatively speaking).

My activity levels have dropped to a minimum because I can’t walk a lot. It hurts to sit, so I’ve been skipping lectures and work, and meditating on a stool instead of a cushion. It hurts to sleep (especially getting in bed, changing position and getting out of bed) but that’s something I can’t skip. Needless to say, I’m getting fat. I’ve been wearing track pants so I’m not sure of the magnitude but I’m guessing I won’t fit into my work pants the day after tomorrow.

I’m less hungry and therefore trying to eat less but it’s hard when you really like food. Gaining weight is annoying and difficult to reverse for people like me but what really frustrates me is not being able to be active.

4 thoughts on “Injured

  1. So sorry to hear you are injured. I also had a disc injury (lower back L5/S1) earlier this year, which happened while in the gym. I wasn’t so bad initially but I made it much worse by continuing to work out and strained it further until I was quite immobilised. In retrospect, it would have been so much better if I had just stopped after the first injury and let it heal. I feel your pain! It wasn’t until I got injured that I realised how much I take my back for granted. Recovery is slow but it will happen. Take care of yourself.

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