The day liver kicked my ass

I love liver. I grew up eating and loving a soup my granny made with liver (superfood!) and fried liver with onions that my mum still makes for me when I visit her. I still eat liver regularly as pate or mixed with mince at breakfast but there was something I hadn’t tried yet: raw liver.

Liz Wolfe had been mentioning raw liver shots in the Balanced Bites podcast for a while. They day she posted the actual instructions and photo I knew I had to try it. The benefits (vitamins A, D, iron, increased energy, etc.) seemed to outweigh the potential grossness and, to be honest, the photo didn’t look bad at all (have a look here).

Liz mixes the liver with berries, and that’s what I did, too. I used 1/4 cup frozen berries (defrosted until syrupy as per Liz’s recommendations), a 24g square of frozen blended liver and 1/2 cup water. And I drank it. And it tasted like blood. And berries. But mainly blood. I don’t even know if the smoothie gave me the energy it was supposed to give me, all I know is I’m not doing it again. Please note, however, that cooked liver is my thing, so raw liver might be your thing. Give it a shot if you’re brave enough. Once again, here’s the link to Liz’s post.

3 thoughts on “The day liver kicked my ass

  1. Good on you for trying! I have heard the Balanced Bites folks talking about drinking raw liver. Now I consider myself more adventurous eating-wise than the average joe but raw liver is beyond me, I tip my hat off to you!

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