Review: Athenian Greek (Sydney CBD)

This place has been in my wish list forever. I work fairly close and have walked past it many many times, but it looked too fancy for a weekday lunch. Finally, my sister and I got to catch up with friends with a Greek feast at Athenian.

The dining room is big and kinda feels like being in a museum. The furniture and lighting (and mostly older patrons) transport you to those formal dining rooms in relatives houses. Wallpaper with photos of Greek landmarks add to the atmosphere, but the multicultural staff offsets this effect. Speaking about photos, my battery died mid-dinner so it’s an iPhone-Nikon mix in this post. I bet you wouldn’t notice if I didn’t tell you.

Our friends ordered Greek pita bread and an eggplant & feta dip to start. The dip was good but I prefer baba ganoush when it comes to eggplant dips. Interestingly, even when 1 serve of bread was ordered, we were charged 3. Not 1, not 4 (the number of people on the table), but 3. Gladys and I didn’t have any bread, and they changed the bill after a brief clarification.

Athenian: Greek pita bread, eggplant & feta dip

Greek pita bread ($1.50 per person), eggplant & feta dip ($9)

José ordered the lamb souvlaki, served with mixed vegetables (the other option was garden salad & pan-fried chips). Judging by the short time in which it disappeared from the plate, I can only guess it was extraordinary.

Athenian: Lamb souvlaki

Lamb souvlaki ($25)

Susy had the beef stifado, a traditional stew of tender beef pieces marinated in red wine & tomatoes, cooked with herbs, spices & baby onions, and served with rice. The serving was massive, the meat super tender and the stew very tasty. Great home-style comfort food.

Athenian: Beef stifado

Beef stifado ($21.50)

Gladys and I shared the grilled trio seafood which included snapper fillet, king prawns and octopus, served with baked sweet potato, potato and pumpkin and the roasted Greek shoulder of lamb served with eggplant imambaldi (a whole eggplant stuffed with onion and capsicum, topped with an olive oil dressing). Both dishes were huge and absolutely delicious. The seafood was perfectly cooked (not too much), as were the lamb and eggplant (not too little).

Athenian: Grilled trio seafood

Grilled trio seafood ($29.50)

Athenian: Roasted Greek shoulder of lamb served with eggplant imambaldi

Roasted Greek shoulder of lamb served with eggplant imambaldi ($26.50)

Athenian Greek
11 Barrack Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9262 2624

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5 thoughts on “Review: Athenian Greek (Sydney CBD)

  1. Funny coincidence, my brother and I were having a conversation about Greek cuisine yesterday and he said the only Greek restaurant he likes is the one on Barrack St, he didn’t know the name, but I came across your review today and I’ll bet he meant Athenian. I like the look of the grilled seafood and the lamb shoulder, it is my kind of food!

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