Review: Miss Chu Tuckshop (Sydney CBD)

My latest CBD Vietnamese feed was the famous Miss Chu tuckshop, in Regent Place (George Street). I haven’t been there in a million years, and so hadn’t noticed the cool décor they have in place.

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Menu

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Menu

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Blackboard

Even the water glasses (and seating?) aim to transport you to Vietnam.

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Water

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Seating

The usual condiments plus eco-friendly cutlery and serviettes are provided next to each table.

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Condiments, cutlery

This place gets crazy busy so it’s best to come early. To increase efficiency they use the pre-printed form system; you tick your order, write down your name, pay and wait for your meal that comes out the appropriate window (except for the rice paper rolls, which are handed out by the cashier).

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Collection window

It was cold but I was excited to see they had green papaya salad in the menu. I asked if it came with any sort of meat but it didn’t, and was suggested to add salmon for $4. The salad was delicious and the girl at the cashier was right: the salmon went really well with it. I liked the fact that it came with cashews instead of peanuts.

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Green papaya salad + salmon

Green papaya salad ($14) + salmon ($4)

Sebastian ordered the seared Atlantic salmon vermicelli salad, which was apparently as good as it looked.

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Seared Atlantic salmon vermicelli salad

Seared Atlantic salmon vermicelli salad ($14)

Food was great but portions were on the smallish side. Sebastian suggested getting some rice paper rolls. I was a bit hesitant due to my recent realisation that I’m not really into rice paper rolls. But Miss Chu is the self-appointed “queen of the rice paper rolls” so it was fair to give them a shot. I was given permission to choose the flavour (anything except seafood): pork & pate. At $10 for 2 rolls I thought they’d better be good.

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Pork & pate rice paper rolls

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Pork & pate rice paper rolls

Miss Chu Tuckshop: Pork & pate rice paper roll

Pork & page rice paper rolls ($10)

And you know what? They were great. Best rice paper rolls I’ve ever had. Plus, you can ask for fish sauce instead of the usual sauce for a gluten-free option.

Miss Chu Sydney CBD Tuckshop
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9283 0357

Misschu CBD Tuckshop on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Review: Miss Chu Tuckshop (Sydney CBD)

  1. I’m delighted to see your review of Miss Chu at Regent Place. I used to have lunch here all the time after French class, I used to imagine that I was sitting on the road in Hanoi eating my rice paper rolls. When I first had their rice paper rolls, they were a revelation, and the reason why I learnt how to make them myself. As well as the pork, I also enjoy the prawn rolls. I need 4 rolls to be full however and it does add up when I think it is costs $18-20 for a simple lunch of rice paper rolls, so I mainly make them myself now. Not as good, but I’m having fun experimenting! I recall their Vietnamese pork belly stew was also pretty good and fatty (great for winter).

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