Review: Rice Paper (Newtown) (2)

So everyone knows that I’m in the midst of a Vietnamese obsession at the moment. I would say my favourite Asian food is Japanese but I haven’t found really good Japanese food that doesn’t cost a fortune in Sydney yet. The second best for me is Vietnamese.

I’ve been to Rice Paper before (review here) but oddly enough I had never tried their pho. So I ordered one and let Alvaro choose another dish to share.

The soup was good, good flavour, perhaps not super rich but the beef ticked both boxes: quantity and quality.

Rice Paper: Pho accompaniments

Rice Paper: Beef pho

Beef pho ($13)

The Vietnamese chicken curry Alvaro ordered was very saucy (soupy, if you wish), nicely flavoured and very filling. Lots of chicken in there. It also had potato and sweet potato and Alvaro, like any Peruvian, ordered rice on the side. No wonder there are not many slender people there :)

Rice Paper: Chicken curry

Vietnamese chicken curry ($20)

Rice Paper
131 King St
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8065 7271

2 thoughts on “Review: Rice Paper (Newtown) (2)

  1. Ooh, if you’re looking for great cheap Japanese food, can I recommend going across the Bridge and trying Taruhachi in North Sydney? It’s a tiny little place, but with such fresh and delicious food.

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