Product review: Macro raw food bars

The good old Woolies has jumped into the bandwagon of raw food bars. My coach gave me one the other day and I was pleased to read the short ingredients list: dates (69%), nuts (18%) (almonds, cashews, walnuts), cocoa liquor, cocoa powder (plus peppermint oil in the chocolate & mint flavoured one). Yes, the dates are the first and most abundant ingredient but apart from the whack of (natural) sugar the bar is crap-free. They even use real nuts and not peanuts! Yay!

Macro raw bars

Macro raw food bars ($1.99)

As expected, the bars were chewy (and less crumbly than these) and quite sweet, but because they’re small they’re unlikely to send you on a food coma. I liked both flavours about the same.

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