Review: Tre Viet (Newtown) (2)

I’ve been on a roll with Vietnamese food lately. The weather has been cooling down and the guys at home have been sick so the good old Pho has been in rotation weekly. Sometimes we do add a bit of variety, though.

We visited Tre Viet for the first time in 2012 (review here). I remembered I liked the food, but I never tried the Pho. By far the most impressive feature of the restaurant is the fish tank. Reminds me of Cantonese restaurants back in Lima.

Tre Viet: Fish tank

Alvaro ordered a coconut juice, which surprisingly was not sweetened and out of a can, but water and flesh out of a young coconut, served with ice. Best drink ever.

Tre Viet: Coconut juice

Alvaro ordered a beef Pho that came with the usual suspects. The soup was not bad, but not memorable either.

Tre Viet: Pho accompaniments

Tre Viet: Pho

Beef pho ($12.50)

I ordered the spicy prawns vermicelli soup, which I thought would be similar to a laksa. Not only I was wrong, but the soup was not spicy and the “crab meat” advertised in the menu were some sort of dumplings. I removed them but still could feel my throat swelling up from the bits that remained floating in the broth.

Tre Viet: Spicy prawns vermicelli soup

Spicy prawns vermicelli soup ($12.50)

We didn’t finish that soup and ordered something else to fill the tank: stir-fried chicken with seasonal vegetables. Big serving, standard dish.

Tre Viet: Stir-fried chicken with seasonal vegetables

Stir-fried chicken with seasonal vegetables ($19.50)

Tre Viet
152-154 King Street
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 9516 5500

Tre Viet on Urbanspoon

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