Review: Gather on the Green (Camperdown)

In the 2.5 years that I lived in Camperdown I went to the park for a run or walked through it to go to uni hundreds of times. Not once I stopped at Gather On The Green. Fortunately my sister works nearby so it became an obvious spot to have breakfast with her.

The cafe is far away from the buzz of Newtown but in a premium location just opposite the park. In fact, you can sit at the public park picnic tables and get served there if the weather is good.

Gather on the Green

It was starting to get cold in Sydney so we sat inside.

Gather on the Green

Gather on the Green

I started my morning with a – you guessed it – long black. Very nice coffee; I was tempted to have a second cup but my adrenals said no. Gladys had lemongrass & ginger tea, served in a retro cup.

Gather on the Green: Long black, lemongrass & ginger tea

Long black ($3.50), lemongrass & ginger tea ($4)

After asking a few questions about gluten-free bread and ingredients we ordered two of the meals from the “substantial” section in the menu. I think between our accent, questions and requests we managed to confuse our waiter, who served us the wrong meal twice, but promptly corrected the mistakes. Service otherwise was super attentive and genuinely warm.

We started with the poached eggs with gourmet sausage, spinach & tamarind chutney. While the eggs were a tad overcooked, the sausage was tasty and went very well with the slightly spicy chutney.

Gather on the Green: Poached eggs, gourmet sausage & spicy chutney

Poached eggs with gourmet sausage, spinach & tamarind chutney ($15)

The other dish we shared was Gather’s famous scrambled eggs with parmesan, served with bacon. This one’s a no-brainer. Parmesan and bacon must be two of the most effective flavour enhancers out there. 2X umami. Good dish and generous serving. I didn’t try the toast but like it when it comes smothered in butter.

Gather on the Green: Gather's scrambled eggs with Parmesan and bacon

Gather’s famous scrambled eggs with parmesan, served with bacon ($15)

Gather on the Green
15 Fowler Lane
Camperdown NSW 2050
(02) 9557 4106
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4 thoughts on “Review: Gather on the Green (Camperdown)

  1. Glad to hear they do great coffee! I’ve had over-extracted coffee too many times. Sounds like a very friendly place and perfect for a warming winter breakfast.

  2. It’s a great location, and eating across the road in the park is great. It’s also a dog and roaming-neighbourhood-cat friendly cafe, which is lovely. The cafe that was there before it, The Camperdown Cafe, was actually much better, but changed hands, management, Barista, name, etc. It’s still a nice place to go to, though.

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