Food for thought: End of semester, immunity, etc.

I managed to get through another semester. Yay! One more to go to get my (second) Bachelor degree (and then 2 more years of study ahead but let’s not freak out about that just yet. In the past, I got sick once por semester on average, usually around exam time. Stress + lack of sleep + not-so-great food = weak immune system.

This semester I was waiting for a big flu to hit me. Not only it’s my senior year, I’m still working part-time, continuing my meditation practice, trying to get better at lifting, writing blog posts, etc., but also we moved to the Buddhist centre in January. We lived in the centre back home for a couple of years so we knew perfectly well what we were getting into: no privacy, more responsibility, less time, disturbing emotions coming at us from every direction. Sounds terrible, but it’s actually a great opportunity for development. Of course, it has a bright side: a great gompa (meditation room) directly underneath my room and the blessing that comes with years of our lama visiting and people meditating in this house.

So we took on the challenge and I survived. Not only that, but 4 of the 5 people who live here got sick recently, and I wasn’t one of them. I managed to keep my immune system strong through good food, even though I couldn’t cook all my meals all the time. I relied on some awesome paleo prepared meals that made my life easier without compromising my health (Feed Me, RealFood Connection, Go Paleo). I also tried to get a bit more sleep when I felt like my body really needed a break (I’m talking 7 hours instead of 5 or 6). I also tried to minimise alcohol and snacking (two things that also come with living in the centre) but wasn’t successful all the time.

Now I have a month to “relax” before semester 2, while working full-time and getting a Microsoft certification. Fun times (not!).

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