Review: MoVida Sydney (Surry Hills)

I love it when I get to tick off a restaurant from my wish list. And I love it more when the restaurant meets my expectations, which fortunately was the case with MoVida. My sister and I couldn’t get to try the original branches in Melbourne when we were there a couple of years ago (they closed for the holiday season), but Sydney was no excuse.

MoVida Sydney

We chose MoVida to celebrate our 5 years in Australia. My sister came along for the celebration and we both picked an unknown red for the toast. The Monastrel was light and fruity, the way I like my wine.

MoVida Sydney: Wine

Bodegas Ponce Monastrel ($10 per glass)

I did something unusual and ordered something just for myself. Just because Gladys doesn’t like oysters and Alvaro wasn’t particularly interested that day, I started dinner with the ostra especial, a Wapengo Lake organic oyster with house-cured NZ king salmon and Mt Barker pickles. Quite a mouthful… a delicious mouthful I should say.

MoVida Sydney: Ostra especial

Ostra especial ($5.50)

Apart from that selfish nibble we ordered a bunch of raciones (bigger dishes) to share, plus a veggie side. First came the cecina, air-cured Wagyu beef with truffle foam & poached egg. This was very different to the cecina we know in Perú, in a very good way. I hate to spoil the post at the very beginning but this was THE dish of the night. You can stop reading now.

MoVida Sydney: Cecina

Cecina ($24.50)

Next up was the panceta, confit crisp pork belly with pickled clams & seaweed. Pork belly is usually my favourite and this one was nice but lacked wow factor IMO.

MoVida Sydney: Panceta

Panceta ($17.50)

Next came the patatas bravas, confit potatoes with spicy sauce, which were aesthetically a nicer version of the Spanish classic.

MoVida Sydney: Patatas bravas

Patatas bravas ($13.00)

Next was the menestra, which again thankfully means something else in Spanish from Spain than it does for us. They were seasonal organic vegetables (mainly baby heirloom carrots) with jamón & confit baby globe artichokes. Very nice side dish, I like it more than the potatoes, but I would have preferred they arrived to the table at the same time as any of the meat dishes.

MoVida Sydney: Menestra

Menestra ($14.50)

Finally, the carrillera de buey, beef cheek in Pedro Ximenez with cauliflower purée, became our top 2 dish of the night with the help of a sprinkle of salt.

MoVida Sydney: Carrillera de buey

Carrillera de buey ($29.50)

As many reviewers have reported the portions at MoVida are not particularly big, but we didn’t feel like eating any of the available gluten-free desserts (flan and ice cream).

MoVida Sydney
50 Holt Street
Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 8964 7642

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5 thoughts on “Review: MoVida Sydney (Surry Hills)

  1. How good does that beef cheek look! I went to Movida a few months ago and had a great time. We had the cecina too, how I miss that!

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