Food for thought: The relativity of porridge

Last night a good friend of mine said how he found porridge to be “good” for him because it slowed him down, as opposed to his previous breakfast of “coffee, egg and toast”. He also seemed to be concerned about his increasing waist circumference. Hmmm…

Moscow: breakfast porridge

Slowing down can mean a number of things. Chilling out and relaxing come to mind as desirable things. Sluggish metabolism… not so much. For him, a naturally outgoing and “fiddly” person, I would say, the “slowed down” version of himself was a better version. For me, it contradicted his (implicit) desire to lose fat: in theory, eating carbs in the morning, when most people are in a natural fat burning state induced by an overnight fast, stops the body from burning fat (which is in oversupply in most people) and start burning carbohydrate (aka sugar) instead. Adipose tissue is likely to remain intact, or grow in cell numbers thanks to the contribution of extra sugars that were eaten and not burnt in that particular day.

Of course, every person is entitled to run their metabolism at whatever speed they like. And eat their porridge in the morning. Personally, I seem to benefit from fasting or avoiding carbohydrate in the morning.

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