Review: Cafe Giulia (Chippendale)

Last week’s sisters breakfast was in Cafe Giulia in Chippendale. From what I understand, this place is quite an institution in the area. I was expecting it to be very obvious but somehow I missed it and had to do a double take.

The cafe is big and it looks a bit dated. Felt a bit like eating in one of the multiple low-key restaurants in Lima. Not that is a bad thing, I’m a low-key person myself and often feel uncomfortable in funky cafes targetted to hipsters.

I had read a number of reviews that said that service was bad but it was not the case the day we visited. We started off with our usual beverage of choice: long black. Coffee was quite strong for my taste, so I had my second cup somewhere else.

Cafe Giulia: Long black

Long black ($3.50)

We shared a serve of eggs, which can be cooked to your liking, and come with spinach, mushrooms and toast. We ordered them poached, skipped the toast and added bacon and avocado. The eggs were perfectly poached but sadly the bacon was burnt.

Cafe Giulia: Poached eggs + bacon & avocado

Cafe Giulia: Poached egg

Poached eggs + bacon & avocado ($12.90 + $7 for extras)

The other dish we shared was the smoked salmon breakfast that comes with poached eggs, spinach and hash brown. Granted, the salmon was not as good as the house-cured one we had recently but the serving was big, the hash browns were good (soft inside, crispy outside) and the eggs were perfect. Overall a pretty filling breakfast.

Cafe Giulia: Salmon breakfast

Smoked salmon breakfast ($18.90)

Cafe Giulia
92 Abercrombie Street
Chippendale NSW 2008
(02) 9698 4424

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