Review: Twenty 8 Acres (Darlington)

Last week my sister and I went for breakfast to Twenty 8 Acres, a small cafe in a Darlington hidden spot. Interestingly, their website is more visible than their physical location and that’s how we got there.

We started our day with long blacks as per usual. Decent coffee (not sure about the brand) but I wouldn’t go all the way there just for a caffeine hit.

Twenty 8 Acres: Long black

Long black ($3.50)

The food, however, could bring me back. The herby green eggs & ham were the kind of home-cooked breakfast you’d like to eat in your bed on a lazy weekend. Importantly, the ham was proper ham and not the supermarket stuff. I believe the menu said the gluten-free bread they use is the best in the market. It was good but I honestly prefer my breakfast with no bread.

Twenty 8 Acres: Green eggs & ham

Green eggs & ham ($13)

The second dish was even better. The house-cured salmon, potato salad, beetroot and poached egg on toast was not only beautifully presented but also massive. Also: look at the size of those capers!

Twenty 8 Acres: House-cured salmon

Twenty 8 Acres: House-cured salmon

House-cured salmon ($20)

Twenty 8 Acres
Shop 1, 74-80 Ivy Ln
Darlington NSW 2008

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3 thoughts on “Review: Twenty 8 Acres (Darlington)

  1. I’ve walked past here a few times but never bothered to give it a second look. It’d be good for a weekday breakfast or lunch for me when I feel like treating myself.

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