Product review: RealFood Connection granola

Last time we ordered a week’s worth of food from RealFood Connection we got a nice surprise: granola (thanks Nadine!). Grain- and gluten-free granola, of course.

The granola contains nuts, seeds (including chia seeds), berries (including goji berries), cocoa, coconut, spices and honey. Yes, it contains cocoa, which is a genius idea, IMO. It not only makes it the funkiest looking paleo granola in the market, but chocolate makes everything better. Big chunks are fantastic as a quick snack, otherwise I love how its flavour combines with tangy coconut kefir.

RealFood Connection granola

RealFood Connection granola

Want to try this granola? Order it online or head to the cafe and get a few to stock your pantry (details below).

Real Food Connection
2 Sterling Circuit
Camperdown NSW 2050
(02) 9516 0267
On Facebook

Realfood Connection on Urbanspoon

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