Product review: Clean Grub

As a big supporter of the real food movement I try to avoid packaged food. Having said that, who has time to prepare everything from scratch? I certainly don’t. Fortunately, not all packaged foods are created equal and Clean Grub has some of the good kind.

As their name implies, the guys at Clean Grub make goodies that are free of grains, gluten, dairy, preservatives and refined sugar. Their current products are banana bread, granola and granola bars.

Clean Grub products

Thanks to Christine and Lady for sending me some samples. They come in ziplock bags that come in handy for portion control (if you have enough willpower to not finish the whole bag in one sitting, that is…)

The banana bread was fantastic (don’t worry, it comes in bigger loaves, too). Made with bananas, almond meal, free range eggs, dates, organic coconut oil, vanilla, mixed spice and baking powder it tastes super fresh and with the right amount of sweetness. Great for afternoon tea or with your morning coffee if you like sweet breakfasts.

Clean Grub: Banana bread

Clean Grub: Banana bread ingredients

Clean Grub: Banana bread

Banana bread

The granola was a very pleasant surprise, as it was very similar to the one I used to make. Only better because they include apples in the mix. We ate it with home-made coconut kefir… yum!

Clean Grub: Granola

Clean Grub: Granola ingredients

Clean Grub: Granola w/ coconut kefir


If you really like the granola but need to have it as a portable snack, then the granola bars are the answer. They have the exact same ingredients as the regular granola: raw almonds, coconut, honey, organic flaxseed meal, organic coconut oil, fresh apples, organic pepitas, organic sunflower seeds, mixed spice and cinnamon. Perfect as a post-workout snack.

Clean Grub: Granola bars

Clean Grub: Granola bars ingredients

Clean Grub: Granola bar

Granola bar

You can find these amazing snacks in farmers markets and online. For more information click on the Facebook page link below.

Clean Grub
0405 212 458
On Facebook

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