Review: Clipper Cafe (Glebe)

This is a new episode of “breakfast with my sister” :)

This time we went to Clipper Cafe, which has been in my wish list forever. The place gets lots of positive reviews, is gluten-free friendly and has been there forever. I was anticipating a great experience.

Clipper Cafe Clipper Cafe

I like the fact that everything on the menu is available all day. That’s right, not only you can have breakfast for lunch, but also lunch for breakfast. Super handy for people like me who prefer a soup or a meat and veggie dish in the a.m. instead of yoghurt and muesli. Having said that, this time we ordered more “standard” breakfast dishes and shared.

We started with a couple of good but not great long blacks.

Clipper Cafe: Long blacks

Long blacks ($3 for regular size)

To eat, we ordered the Clipper baked eggs with home-made Napoli sauce, spinach, feta, olives and herb toast with lamb sausages (the other options were roasted mushrooms and Spanish chorizo; all sausages are gluten-free). You can order gluten-free toast, although one bite was enough for me. We both found the sauce way too sweet, which for us ruined a dish that could have been outstanding.

Clipper Cafe: Clipper baked eggs

Next were the classic eggs Benedict featuring free range poached eggs with spinach, leg ham, chives and hollandaise sauce on sourdough (which we skipped). Sadly, we were not impressed with this dish, either. The eggs were perfect, the sauce was okay but the ham was just ordinary supermarket ham. Same with the baby spinach.

Clipper Cafe: Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict ($13)

Given that I was not having a lunch break that day, I order extra smoked salmon and avocado to fill the tank.

Clipper Cafe: Smoked salmon + avocado

Extra smoked salmon ($3) and avocado ($2.50)

Clipper Cafe
16 Glebe Point Rd
Glebe NSW 2037
0411 800 063

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4 thoughts on “Review: Clipper Cafe (Glebe)

    1. You know, sometimes is cool to add a bit of sugar to tomato sauces, for example for spaghetti sauce or Moroccan dishes, but not when mixed with feta and olives. Did not work.

  1. That’s weird because me and my girlfriend gets baked eggs all the time and never had sweetness in their tomato sauce , i always thought it was bit strong on that tomato tangy taste but it always tasted perfect with their fetta cheese and is one of the reason we always have our combine-study at clipper LOL

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