Two Peruvian restaurants made the list

This year The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list includes 2 Peruvian restaurants: Central (#15) and Astrid y Gastón (#18). I’ve had the privilege of eating in both restaurants; they are both in my list of memorable dining experiences.

Paiche amazone

Paiche amazone from Central

Gastón Acurio, owner of Astrid y Gastón (which is now under the lead of Diego Muñoz), posted on his Facebook page a very cool message when he heard the news. He stresses the fact that Perú, a developing country, has managed to produce two top-20 winners, while France, Italy, Japan, etc. have only one restaurant in that range. He also mentions that the highest climber prize (the restaurant that has gone up the most) was won last year by Astrid y Gastón and this year by Central.

Gastón Acurio is successful not only because he is incredibly smart, a fantastic cook and has a charming personality, but because he’s not lazy. He knows that staying at the top requires non-stop hard work and he encourages the Latin American restaurant community to keep growing by improving continuously with passion and commitment. Finally, he congratulates the three Spanish restaurants in the top-10, as well as Mauro Collagreco (Argentinian chef working in an award-winning French restaurant), Alex Atala (from D.O.M., Brazil) and Enrique Olvera (from Pujol, Mexico).

Calle Santa Isabel 376
Miraflores, Lima, Perú
+511 242 8515

Astrid y Gastón
Avenida Paz Soldán 290
San Isidro, Lima 27, Perú
+51 1242 4422

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