Review: Something for Jess (Chippendale)

There’s a love story behind Something for Jess but if you know me, you know I’m not into romance. You can imagine someone called Jess is involved. Moving on…

First off, the cafe matches all the “cute”, “eclectic”, “vintage” criteria that the public and amateur food bloggers (like me) love.

Something for Jess

Something for Jess

Something for Jess

Most importantly, they base their food offerings on whatever produce is available on that particular week. Meaning: the menu features ingredients that are in season and thus are likely to be local, sustainable, fresh, and at its peak of flavour and nutrient content.

Something for Jess: Produce board

Something for Jess: Menu

My first introduction to this cafe was for coffee with my sis. The cold drip caught my attention because I hadn’t tried it before. Presentation was pretty and coffee was great (nice flavour, big caffeine hit). We resolved to come back for food.

Something for Jess

Something for Jess: Cold drip coffee

Something for Jess: Cold drip coffee

Cold drip coffee

Something for Jess: Water

…and water to keep you hydrated

And so we met again at Jess for breakfast and even though we both wanted Jess’s favorite brekky, we only ordered one so that we could try two dishes. The aforementioned favourite breakfast included free range bacon, confit tomato, fresh avocado, braised field mushroom, spicy fig purée, mascarpone infused corn purée, caramelised onion, and shaved Pecorino. It was tasty and my only suggestion to make it better would be to serve the (gluten-free) toast on the side so that it doesn’t get soggy with the moist components of the stack. A poached egg or two wouldn’t hurt.

Something for Jess: Jess's favorite brekky

Jess’s favorite brekky ($17)

The other dish we shared was the smoked rainbow trout, a (gluten-free) bruschetta with nashi pear purée, local white corn, sumac beetroot purée, green figs, spiced roasted eggplant, lime & dill infused crème fraîche, and fresh truss tomato. Sounds lovely but unfortunately it was very light in flavour and protein content. I don’t need huge servings of meat at every meal but in this case the fish serving was very small. Again, serving the toast on the side would avoid unnecessary sogginess.

Something for Jess: Smoked rainbow trout

Smoked rainbow trout ($17.50)

We had a couple of long blacks that were fantastic. My sister ordered a tea that was pretty good, too.

Something for Jess: Long blacks

Long blacks ($3.50 each)

Something for Jess: Tea

Tea ($3.50)

I like this cafe more for drinks than food. Service is friendly and warm, although it seems they sometimes forget orders.

Something for Jess
Corner Abercrombie & O’Connor Street
Chippendale NSW 2008
0404 753 530
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