Review: Cuckoo Callay (Newtown)

The recent renovations done to the Newtown train station have brought quite a few new interesting eateries to the neighbourhood. Cuckoo Callay is not only in a premium location (just outside the station), but knows how to grab the attention of commuters with its wacky name and cheeky sense of humour (deliberate spelling mistakes, smart-ass jokes on the blackboard and takeaway coffee window).

I may be wrong but I think there was no indication of gluten-free items in the menu when they first opened. Now they’re clearly identifiable so it was easy for us to choose. The dishes came out of the kitchen roughly around the same time, but not together. We were first served the triple fried chips and aioli, which we originally thought of as a side but became an appetizer. The chunky wedges were piping hot and delicious, and the thick creamy aioli was one of the best that I’ve had lately.

Triple fried chips and aioli ($9)

The chips were served with a cute mini butter dish containing pink salt.

Pink salt

Then came the twice cooked pork belly with caramelized chilli and fresh lime. We found the caramel a bit too thick, sticky and sweet for our taste, but the pork belly was a good one. Nice presentation, too.

Twice cooked pork belly ($15)

Finally, we got the free range chicken and roasted dutch carrots with barley (which we asked to skip), herbed yoghurt and almonds. The chicken breast had been poached and sliced and went really well with the sweet carrots, almonds and generous serving of herbed yoghurt. I’m not often excited by poached chicken or yoghurt but this dish is clearly an exception.

Free range chicken and roasted dutch carrots ($17)

Cuckoo Callay
324 B, Newtown Railway station
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8084 5383

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