Review: Jalapeño (Newtown)

My friend Sebastian and I were looking for somewhere on Enmore Road to have dinner. We walked past Jalapeño, where he had been before. I wasn’t very excited about it because I very much prefer true Mexican food than Tex-Mex but there was a mixed grill on the menu that sounded promising. We entered and I had the feeling we should better leave because it was ran by an Asian (Vietnamese?) couple and the mixed grill was labelled as “not available” in the menus they handed us. Pretty much everything else had flour tortillas and/or beans. However, the lady owner recommended the fajitas, offering to replace the flour tortillas with corn tortillas. Yes, the place did not have the typical colourful Mexican décor, but the service was just as warm and friendly.

We started with a basket of warm corn chips served with tomato salsa. Good, plain corn chips and tasty, natural-tasting salsa. Good stuff.

Basket of corn chips and tomato salsa ($9.50)

We also ordered 2 servings of fajitas, each one served with sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, rice and 4 tortillas. I didn’t like the pico de gallo but the guac was good.

Rice, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole

Plastic tortilla press to serve tortillas

As much as I love lamb, I found the lamb fajitas (leg of lamb sliced and marinated with mustard sauce and herbs, grilled, served on sizzling hot plate with caramelised onions and salsa verde) a bit disappointing. The meat was dry and the sauce needed more kick.

Lamb fajitas ($21.90)

The chilli chicken fajitas (chicken breast sliced, marinated with spices and medium hot pimiento sauce, grilled with mushrooms and caramelised onion on sizzling hot plate) were much better. Very tasty, in fact.

Chilli chicken fajita ($21.90)

It was really good that they swapped the tortillas for me but you know what? I didn’t find them very tasty. I enjoyed more eating the meat + accompaniments with the provided cutlery.

In summary, it is not the most cheap or cheerful or tasty Tex-Mex/Mexican eatery around but if you’re not very fussy you can give it a shot.

89 Enmore Rd
Newtown NSW 2042
(02) 8094 9711

Jalapeno Tex-Mex Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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