Review: Le Pub (Sydney CBD)

For a catch-up weekday lunch with my former housemate we went to Le Pub. I had already been there for a team lunch from work, when I ordered a coq au vin that was good but not as good as Gary’s. Still, there were other dishes that I wanted to try, and this was the perfect occasion to do so.

A happy coincidence made us crave exactly the same dishes, so we ordered both and shared. The salade de canard (roast duck, Josephine pear, hazelnuts, fried cauliflower, red wine & honey vinaigrette) had a surprisingly high meat:non-meat ratio. The sweet dressing was delicious and the flavours mixed perfectly.

Salade de canard ($25)

The confit de canard (confit of duck leg, potato fondant, shaved foi gras, cherry, hazelnut & endive salad) was one of the best I’ve had so far, meaty, tender, and not fried to death. Again, the rest of the dish was a perfect complement to the meat.

Confit de canard ($26)

I had a long black before heading back to the office (don’t let the photo deceive you, it was a long black). Not bad but definitely not my favourite coffee in the area.

Long black ($4)

Le Pub
66 King St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9262 3277

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