Review: Chinta Ria – Temple of Love (Darling Harbour)

This year my sister celebrated her birthday with an intimate lunch at Chinta Ria. We had been at the Westfield instance of the restaurant and liked it, but this time we went to Darling Harbour, which is a way better location IMO.

The menu does not specify gluten-free items but the friendly waiters are able and happy to answer questions or ask the kitchen. We ordered a bunch of dishes to share: ginger prawns (plump wok-tossed prawns with fresh ginger root and spring onions), beef ria (diced beef fillets wok-tossed in a delicious combination of spices, fresh ginger root, garlic and dry red chillies, finished with crisp carrot slices and snow peas), curry chicken (chicken fillets in an aromatic sauce of curry paste and coconut milk) and hi snappers (pan-fried snapper fillets basked in a combination of fried shallots, garlic, bird chillies, shredded ginger with light soy). All were fragrant and equally tasty. We also ordered coconut rice for the table, a clearly superior choice to standard steamed rice. My only complain was that the dishes were on the small side, especially considering the price.

Ginger prawns ($31.30)

Beef ria ($25.30)

Coconut rice ($3.80 per person)

Curry chicken ($26.40)

Hi snappers ($31.30)

Chinta Ria – Temple of Love
The roof terrace
Level 2,201 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9264 3211

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