Review: Pitt St Diner (Redfern) (4)

Last month we had some international guests staying for a few days in Sydney after the retreat in Ballina. We made sure all of them tried the wonderful food at Pitt St Diner not only because the owner (and his wife, the chef, a former waitress and an occasional kitchen hand) is our friend but because the food and the vibe are truly great.

Christina, who was visiting from Germany, and I visited the diner on the day Gary and Jane were celebrating 1 year of owning it. There was a special dinner happening that night but I was glad that Christina chose to come for brunch because that meant I could eat the hungry Marpa. This is not a dish on the menu, but a special treat that Gary cooks for the Buddhist gang (Marpa was one of the early members of our lineage) and consists of 2 poached eggs, bacon, chorizo, kumara hash brown, roasted tomato and spinach. It is amazing, and Fernando (who is Italian and apparently cooks the best pasta in the area) poaches the eggs perfectly.

The hungry Marpa ($17?)

Christina had a tough time choosing a dish (breakfast all day is a great feature but makes the decision twice as complicated) and finally ordered the diner deluxe Florentine (poached eggs, smoked salmon, fresh asparagus stacked on a kumara hash with hollandaise).

Diner deluxe Florentine ($18)

My first coffee of the day was a good long black that I drank while we waited for the food. Christina had a watermelon juice. After finishing our meals she ordered a latte and I a second long black.

Long black

Watermelon juice

Just before leaving Gary asked us to try a new chocolate and quinoa brownie. Despite being Peruvian I don’t do very well with quinoa (yes people, pseudograins are not a great idea, no matter your ancestry) but how can I say no to a friend asking for an honest opinion (and to free gluten-free dessert and coffee)? We tried the brownie, which was served with berry compote and ice cream (wow!) and drank our final dose of caffeine for the day. The brownie was good, although softer and fluffier than the way I like my brownies (dense and moist). And I’m happy to report that the quinoa did not make a guest appearance the next morning.

Chocolate quinoa brownie

Latte, espresso

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Pitt St Diner
96 Pitt St
Redfern NSW 2016
(02) 8668 5936

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