Review: El Loco at Slip Inn (Sydney CBD)

I’m not a big fan of the dude food trend and I’m not sure that Dan Hong’s popularity is well justified but I figured that having El Loco at a pub not far away from work was a good opportunity to put both to test.

They have tacos, they have mains and they have a very tempting specials menu.

I was excited with the possibility to swap the tortilla in the tacos for a lettuce leaf. I ordered a Bo Ssam (twice cooked pork belly, Jang’s kimchi and oyster mayo) and a Baja fish (with chipotle mayo and salsa verde). I assumed the lettuce was offered to make it gluten-free until my order arrived and I noticed the fish was crumbed. Then I realised the lettuce is more for the broader population of “health conscious” people than for the GFs. Fortunately, when I told the guy at the bar I couldn’t eat wheat he happily took it back to the kitchen and took my order for a camarón (prawn with pico de gallo and salsa verde).

Bo Ssam taco ($6)

Camarón taco ($6)

The tacos were smaller than what I thought and very messy to eat. It’s evident that they wash the lettuce, which is much appreciated, but unfortunately they don’t spin them dry. Please don’t order lettuce leave tacos on a date or business lunch. That aside, the sparse filling was quite tasty. I ordered a third taco because I was still hungry, this time a al pastor (spit pork with pineapple salsa). Same deal: wet, small and tasty.

Al pastor taco ($6)

My friend was torn between a few options and ended up ordering El Loco hotdog (house made frank, pico de gallo, mustard relish, jalapeños, mayo, queso fresco on a soft hotdog bun) and chipotle fries served with chipotle mayo. He was disappointed with both and later in the day, when I saw him on the train back home, he said he was still bloated.

El Loco hotdog ($10)

Chipotle fries served with chipotle mayo ($7)

Not a stellar experience but we’re both keen on trying some mains.

El Loco at Slip Inn
111 Sussex St
Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 8295 9999

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4 thoughts on “Review: El Loco at Slip Inn (Sydney CBD)

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve been to El Loco – but I remember it as being the perfect place to go after you’ve already had a few post-work drinks and just want good cheap food. The price is definitely right, even if the food is a bit messy.

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