Russia Winter Tour 2014 (10/10) – return to Sydney

Last day of the Winter Tour. As much as I missed the Australian summer and fresh vegetables, a part of me didn’t want to leave Russia. There were just too many places we hadn’t seen and the warm feeling of being with (Buddhist) family all the time is hard to let go.

The Winter Tour was an amazing experience, and in fact not as uncomfortable and difficult as I was expecting. It gave me the opportunity to watch my mind under circumnstances that were completely new to me, and to be more appreciative of my lama’s work.

After the first session of the last day of the course, Sam and I said goodbye to the lama and a few of our friends and headed to the airport. I had some Russian money left and wasn’t sure about what to do with it. A few things crossed my mind: buying vodka, getting some lunch, buying more souvenirs. We ended up buying a bottle of Merlot to go with our impromptu lunch of jerky, nuts and dark chocolate. Later I bought a perfume with the last few hundred roubles I had.

We flew Korean Air on the way back. In the first trip (to Seoul) they gave us lunch: a seafood salad with prawn, calamari, carrots, capsicum and cherry tomatoes, a Hungarian beef stew with turnip, zucchini, carrots, green beans and potatoes, a bun, Anchor butter and pineapple. Except the bread, it was good stuff.

Vladivostok – Seoul: Lunch

The next flight was from Seoul to Sydney. They gave us a bottle of water, plus a pack with slippers, toothbrush and toothpaste. For dinner I chose the bibimbap. The attendant instruct me to mix the rice with the meat and vege, and add the provided sesame oil and chilli sauce. There was also seaweed soup, kimchi and mochi (rice cake), which I didn’t try. The kimchi left me a bit disappointed but otherwise it was a great meal, paired with a glass of red wine and some green tea.

Seoul – Sydney: Dinner

10 Feb 2014

For breakfast the next morning I chose the omelette (the other options were rice porridge and continental breakfast). The omelette came with baked beans, broccoli and potatoes. The meal also included fruit (watermelon and orange), strawberry yoghurt and a muffin. I had been craving eggs but the omelette was not that great. The potatoes looked covered in flour and I didn’t have any beans or yoghurt, so I added my last bag of jerky to the mix.

Seoul – Sydney: Breakfast

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