Russia Winter Tour 2014 (3/10) – Moscow

In Moscow we stayed with our friend Natasha. We met her when she was visiting Australia a few years ago. After she showed us her beautiful apartment and where we were sleeping she prepared brunch for us: soup, cheese, salo, mustard and bread. As it’s common in Russian tables, there was also a plate of dried fruit on the table. Brunch was followed by an assortment of cakes (dark chocolate for me) and coffee. e had some coffee.

Cheese, bread, soup, salo


That night Natasha made us dinner: a wonderful chicken fricassee with mustard seeds, capsicum, carrots, celery and milk (or cream?), served with kasha (buckwheat) and Russian-style sauerkraut (pickled sliced cabbage with dill and fresh cranberries). Wonderful meal.

Chicken fricassee


Bread and sauerkraut

Once again, dinner was followed by cakes, cheeses, marshmallow, tea and coffee, and then we departed to the public lecture and party.

Marshmallow, cheese, cakes

21 Jan 2014

The next day Natasha made porridge with dried fruit for breakfast. I had dinner leftovers plus some cheese and some slices of a fantastic local sausage.



Leftover chicken and kasha, sausage, cheese

Carina and I went for walk around town. In the metro stations you can find small shops, including a very well stocked tea shop, and, of course, junk food.

Tea shop

Hot dog stand

After some shopping we stopped for a coffee and free wi-fi at The Old Telegraph Cafe, on one of the main streets. I had an americano and she a marocchino (espresso with cocoa powder and milk froth). We also shared an amazing dark chocolate truffle.

Marocchino (R190, about $6.02), americano (R120, about $3.80), dark chocolate truffle (R50, about $1.58)

We didn’t leave the area without a quick visit to the red square and the Kremlin (aka the Gremlin).

I went for lunch before getting to that afternoon’s lecture with one of our lama’s students who is now a travelling teacher. The place looked like a pub-restaurant and my meal took a while to arrive but when it did I wasn’t disappointed. The borsh did not only arrive with the usual sour cream but also with some sliced salo and bread.

Borsh (R300, about $9.51)

That night after the talk we took the train to Samara. We ate some ikra (caviar), gluten-free crackers, cucumbers, almond-stuffed olives, 85% chocolate, tinned fish with tomato sauce, herring, smoked salmon, mandarines, and cognac.

4 thoughts on “Russia Winter Tour 2014 (3/10) – Moscow

    1. Fortunately no one seemed offended when I skipped the bread. They were very understanding and I think they appreciated the fact I ate pretty much everything else with delight.

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